Migraines Threaten Work

“Suffering from cluster migraines and neck pain for many years, I had exhausted seeing doctors, dentists, chiropractors and many other healthcare professionals in the pursuit of being able to live my daily routine of work and play without pain. I love my work as a hair stylist and I was told that I would have to reconsider my occupation. For me, that was like knocking the wind out of my sail.

My prayer was answered when a client recommended Karen. Karen’s healing hands saved me and made me pain free. She was so tuned in to my body that she was able to tell me what was happening before I even mentioned it to her! Even better than that, she taught me how to help myself through stretching and exercise and be able to listen to my body in a way that was all new to me. I have been seeing Karen as a therapist since the early 1990’s and feel blessed to have found her. I surely miss her magic! There is no one like her!”

– Kathryn Lightbourn, Hair Stylist

Body Integration

“Karen’s work harmonizes with the deepest layers of my body. From the moment she laid her hands on me, I felt her listening to the whispers of my inner world. From this initial contact, she rides the waves of my tissues, unraveling deeply anchored tension patterns with a caring presence and level of patience that speak to her expertise. Karen’s state of ‘awe’ with the human body translates into her approach of addressing the body as a whole, making sure that every part is communicating adequately with the others . . . Weeks later after a session with her, I am still reminded of places she addressed and brought back to my integral ability to unify body, breath and soul.”

– Mylène Bergeron
Founder of Deep Flow Bodywork

Chronic Pain in Shoulders and Neck, and Body Maintenance

“Almost 20 years ago, I was suffering terribly from bulging muscles in my shoulders and neck. The pain was so bad I could not work or even drive a car. After seeing a few doctors and taking all sorts of medicines, none of which helped, I sought out the help of Karen. Her work was painful to begin with (I called her ‘fingers of steel’) but through several sessions I improved steadily until I was back to my normal self again. I had my life back, which was a huge thing to me and my family.

I have never stopped seeing Karen since then for monthly sessions. If I have any kind of issue, she works on that, otherwise I have the most wonderful stretching, massage or reflex sessions. When she does the laying of hands (I think it’s called facial release) on me, I am so relaxed and tuned in to her fingers that I literally drift off the table into a sort of trance. It’s magical is all I can say. You can barely feel her fingers, yet you can feel all these things moving around inside you. WOW! I have such complete trust in what she is doing that I become an extension of her hands.

Karen, Nassau has lost its best therapist and Canada is lucky to have you. I really miss you, not only for my body but for your never-ending calming advice when I’m frustrated or stressed over stuff. You always made me realize things were not nearly as bad as I thought them to be. Luckily I can still benefit from that advice with emails or over the phone.

Thank you for everything you are. Love,”

– Donna Mabon

Recovery from “Incurable” Headaches

“I was told ‘cluster headaches are not curable’ and then along came Karen Wrinkle—for years I have been headache free. Her remarkable ability to determine an injury without being told and her uncanny sense to read the body are preventative medicine at its best.

The absence of Karen as a friend and therapist has left a vacuum in our lives, which will not be easily filled. If you are fortunate enough to avail yourself of her treatment, consider yourself a blessed person.”

– Dana, Lawyer

Colleague & Client

“I have known Karen Wrinkle for over 18 years both as a colleague and as my therapist. As a colleague, I have had uncountable opportunities to work with the same patients [as Karen], which puts me in a privileged position to witness her talent and knowledge. As a patient, I have experienced her encompassing care and solid knowledge, which have helped me to overcome a variety of health issues in a very holistic and profound way.”

– Cairo, OMD Ph. D

Nerve Pain After Spinal Injury

“I came to Karen suffering from extreme nerve pain due to breaking my back. I had tried surgery, acupuncture, physical therapy and massage; nothing worked. After talking to Karen, I decided to give her therapy a chance. I was not hopeful, but was open to anything.
After my first visit, I was dubious she had done anything that would really help, and that night I was actually worse. I was so dejected, but Karen was there to encourage me and hear my worries. She was right. After a few days, the pain subsided and suddenly there was minimal improvement. Each time I’d go in, there was a flare-up followed by improvement, until suddenly there was no flare-up and only improvement. Even my pain management doctor noticed the change.

Karen was always available to me and was always listening. You could hear the concern she had when I would tell her I was hurting. I was happy that she left to follow her dreams in Canada, but disappointed she would no longer be available to work with me.

I believe you will be in good hands with Karen. It is not just a job for her. She truly cares and will be honest if she cannot help, though I believe she will most likely be able to help.”

– Sheree Pyfrom

Back Pain Recovery & Empowerment

“A friend initially recommended I see Karen to help me with some lower back and neck pain. In fact, Karen ended up helping me physically and emotionally through a hugely stressful time in my life. She is the most intuitive, gifted healer I have come across. Her gentle and holistic approach to empowering the body and mind is unique in my experience. I still frequently remind myself of her words.”

– Sarah

Supportive Approach

“About Karen . . . this cannot be summed up in two lines!

An amazing woman and one of those people that I am lucky to have met and had as a part of my life.

A therapist and a healer who knows as soon as she touches/reads me what is going on and where, and would ask me questions in such a way that—even if I may not have wanted to say the full truth—my body seemed to trust instinctively and open up to the healing work. A friend; one of those precious ones that can help you face your truth and be honest with yourself, and be supportive at the same time—never negative, in any way.

A woman that is able to let me look at things in a different way so I could recognize destructive patterns that were not helpful anymore, and through her many words of wisdom, remind me of my strength to acknowledge and change them. Someone close to my heart, who is dearly missed, for I do not think there is anyone here who could fill her shoes.

All this . . . just scratches the surface of who and what she is.”

– Kerstin

Concussion Recovery

“Eighteen months ago, I suffered a series of three concussions in three months. The first occurred when a chair I was sitting in suddenly broke, hurtling me backwards; the second happened when I fell off my bicycle; and the third involved an unfortunate ‘sucker punch’ to my head.

The net result of those injuries was that I was totally debilitated. After the third one, I had to spend several weeks doing little more than lying in bed, as I had random headaches, nausea and malaise throughout much of the day. I couldn’t work or participate in any of the physical activities that have given me such joy through my life.

Physiotherapy gave me some relief but it was fleeting. I tried massage therapy and saw several chiropractors but the pain and ill feelings persisted.

Then a friend recommended the services of Karen Wrinkle. She warned me that her approach with ‘CranioSacral Therapy’ was a little ‘different’—but that the results would be amazing. She was 100% correct. Karen’s treatment process is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Frankly, I don’t know exactly how she does what she does—but it appears she ‘listens’ to various parts of your body and realigns the various regions in a gentle but deeply profound manner.

The results were, indeed, amazing. As I’ve said to Karen at the end of each treatment, I simply didn’t want the session to end. I felt so relaxed and peaceful throughout the treatment and found her energy to be incredibly positive and loving.

The pain in my head, neck and shoulders has subsided, along with the ill feelings and lack of energy. I’m riding my bike again, playing golf and doing the things I enjoy. I’m also back at work, able to write and use my computer, and am so very thankful for Karen’s role in helping me regain my health.

I would recommend the services of Karen Wrinkle to anyone experiencing pain or difficulty with movement.”

– Tom Haibeck

Back Pain Recovery

“Karen Wrinkle has been my massage therapist for the past 10 years. For many years I had disc pain.  Karen’s expert techniques have kept my injured discs supple enough to be able to play golf and do Pilates again, relatively pain free. She is an amazing woman with a kind, helpful and concerned nature. Best of all, her hands and the way she delivers her therapy are the best I have ever experienced.”

– Nancy Kelly

Neck Issue – Surgery Avoided

“Ten years ago, I was told to stop exercising and immediately have double disc-replacement surgery in my neck, a diagnosis confirmed by three separate neck specialists. I never did have the surgery, but I have since competed in countless triathlons, several marathons, an Ironman, a handful of 4-mile ocean swims, a dozen or so century rides and a Goruck Tough event.

What made the difference? Karen Wrinkle. She opened up my neck and unlocked opportunities for me. She has an uncanny ability to find and release constrictions in the body. Her healing hands and calm encouragement have allowed me to live an active and pain-free life. She will be sorely missed by me and so many in The Bahamas.”

– Stephan, Financial Executive and Athlete

Craniosacral Unwinding Swirl Smooth Edges Fuscia

Chronic Sinus Infection Recovery

“I suffered from sinus infections for 12 years. At the onset of winter would come sinus problems that would last until spring—not to mention the horrible sinus headaches. Conventional medicine couldn’t help me. Reams and reams of antibiotics, endless saltwater rinses, humidifiers and nasal decongestants never worked. Karen gave me three treatments. My joints and body in general felt more lubricated, more energetic, lighter, younger.

Even the lifelong experience of having headaches before impending thunderstorms stopped. But the best thing of all happened that winter when I nervously awaited the onset of my sinus problems—they just never came. I had a glorious winter of no pain, no drugs, no problems. It was wonderful and has stayed that way ever since.

When Karen treated me (completely painlessly, by the way), she spent a lot of time working on the head area. Not sure at the time that I even mentioned my winter sinus problems as it was August, but she seemed to know exactly where to work and what would make me well.

Thank you—thank you. Life is good.”

– Eleanor

Prevention & Maintenance

“Karen has been my biweekly therapist for over 20 years—she has magical hands and is intuitively drawn to the ‘hot spots,’ but also knows when all that is needed is some soothing and calming work. I am missing her outstanding skills, her friendship and her wonderful sense of humour, and as no stranger to the world of ‘body and energy work,’ I can say without reservation that she is absolutely the best.”

– Judy, Lawyer

Sports & Aging

“I had always been an active sportsperson (including mini-triathlons), and would inevitably get stress injuries to my knees and elbows. These problems would usually heal reasonably quickly if I used ice packs, and rested sufficiently.

However, when I reached the age of 60, I developed chronic right elbow pain that forced me to stop playing tennis and golf, and I even had to stop swimming. Over the next three years, I tried all sorts of treatments (e.g., cortisone injections, acupuncture, ultrasound, etc.) and tried many therapists. Some of these treatments worked for a short time, but the problem would always eventually return. In desperation, I sought the advice of a sports injury doctor in Miami. He wanted to operate, but I decided that had to be a last resort and continued looking for a non-invasive solution.

I went to see Karen with the MRI results for my elbow, and she said that as there were apparently only minor muscle tears, she felt she could get me playing sports again. It took a while, and she gave me plenty of stretching/strengthening exercises to do in between sessions, but I am now back to playing tennis and golf two or three times a week, and swimming most days.

Without her, by now, I would probably be a fat and grumpy fellow who sat in a bar and talked to anyone who would listen about my previous glory sporting days. . .

Karen is extremely knowledgeable about sports injuries, and is very passionate about her work and about getting people better again.

On top of that she is a really nice person. Our small community was very fortunate to have her, and she is greatly missed.”

– Mike Keating